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Who We Are



Hotmix Equipment is a family owned business with a story three generations long. In 1964 James Tunney Ridings, or “JT” as he was known by friends, founded the Mang-Alloy Steel Company. His company fabricated steel and specialty metals into all kinds of industrial purposes, but they specialized in abrasion resistant steel used in the aggregate and asphalt industries. 

Mang-Alloy quickly found their niche in the business of fabrication for the asphalt industry. JT quickly became a celebrated local Atlanta business owner and Mang-Alloy Steel  a leader in the Southeast.


In 2000 the company was passed onto the next generation and founded Hotmix Equipment, a company focused on all aspects of the asphalt industry. Hotmix Equipment sells, buys, and deals with any and all asphalt parts, plants, and equipment. Since its founding Hotmix Equipment and the original spirit of Mang-Alloy Steel have gone on to become a recognized leader in the world of asphalt.

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