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Asphalt Plants

  • Chain of all types

  • Motors and reducers

  • Rotary airlocks

  • Drag slat components

  • Bags & cages

  • Pumps

  • Tires and trunnion systems

  • Flighting systems

  • Pollution control components

  • Air cylinders/air components

  • Dryer and drum shell replacements

  • Truck Scales

  • Sprockets, and more…


Filtration Bags


  • Lower operating pressures.

  • Increased active filter area.

  • Improved cleaning.

  • Better seals at the cuff areas.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Longer bag life.


Ceramic and Steel Wear Liners

  • Alumina ceramic liners for coal and other material handling and processing industries. Ceramic liners provide long-lasting solutions to the problems caused by abrasive wear and corrosion in a variety of hostile environments.

  • Alumina ceramic linings will outlast lower grade materials commonly used to line or protect processing and material handling equipment, including Basalt, stainless steel, carbon steel and wear resistant plates, by factors of 3 to 15 times.



  • Allows contractors the ability to maximize both RAP and shingles while maintaining precision weight measurements for both products

  • Each system can be fully customized to include one to three RAP bins as well as up to two load cell equipped RAS bins for a total of five bins

  • Portable, skid mounted, and stationary arrangements available.


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